Best surf places in Europe

Top 11 European Surf Spots for 2024: Ride the Best Waves

Discover Europe's top 11 surf spots, where the culture is as captivating as the waves. These destinations offer an eclectic blend of intense breaks, consistent waves, stunning landscapes, and rich histories, creating an unforgettable surf experience. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's a wave with your name on it on this diverse and dynamic coastline. Pack your board and prepare for an epic surf journey across Europe!

Biarritz, France

1. Biarritz, France

Birthplace of European Surfing
Biarritz is where surfing first started in Europe. The city offers various spots for different skill levels, surrounded by a rich surf history and culture.
Bundoran, Ireland

2. Bundoran, Ireland

Cold Water Paradise
Ireland's surf capital, Bundoran, offers consistent, quality waves for all levels. Despite chilly waters, it draws surfers with its powerful, uncrowded breaks.
Ericeira, Portugal

3. Ericeira, Portugal

Europe's First Surfing Reserve
A charming Portuguese town with world-class surfing conditions. Ericeira was named Europe's first World Surfing Reserve due to its high-quality, consistent waves.
Hendaye, France

4. Hendaye, France

Gentle waves for beginners
Hendaye offers the most user-friendly beach on the French Basque coast, making it the perfect place for beginner surfers. With its long sandy beaches and consistently small and slow waves, it's an ideal environment for those looking to get a feel for the water or to improve their skills in a relaxed setting. Surfing in Hendaye combines the beauty of French landscapes with the thrill of catching your first wave.
Hossegor, France

5. Hossegor, France

French Surfing Capital
Hossegor is one of Europe's top surfing destinations, boasting some of the world's most powerful and hollow sand-bottomed break. Best for experienced surfers due to its intensity.
Mundaka, Spain

6. Mundaka, Spain

The Gem of the Basque Country
Home to Europe's best left-hand wave, Mundaka is a picturesque coastal town in Spain's Basque region. The area offers consistent world-class waves for experienced surfers.
Newquay, England

7. Newquay, England

Heart of British Surfing
Newquay, in Cornwall, is known for its accessible surf culture and consistent waves. Fistral Beach is particularly popular, hosting several national and international competitions.
Ribeira D'Ilhas, Portugal

8. Ribeira D'Ilhas, Portugal

Home of the Portuguese Surf Elite
Ribeira D'Ilhas, part of Ericeira's World Surfing Reserve, is famous for its long, right-hand point break. It regularly hosts national and international surfing events.
Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal

9. Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal

Pipeline of Europe
Known for its powerful, fast waves and hollow tubes, Supertubos in Peniche is considered Europe's best beach break. It's a world-class spot that attracts pros from around the globe.
Thurso, Scotland

10. Thurso, Scotland

Scotland's Finest Surfing Spot
Despite freezing temperatures, Thurso draws surfers with its world-class, right-hand point break. It offers one of Europe's best and most northerly surf spots.
Zarautz, Spain

11. Zarautz, Spain

Basque Surfing Mecca
Zarautz boasts the longest beach in the Basque Country. Known for its consistent waves and lively surf culture, it's an ideal destination for surfers of all skill levels.

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